Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27, 2009

Welcome to this world little Jameson!

Yes- we officially now have 8 arrows in our quiver and we are praising God! Little Jameson Javier was born this morning at 1:24 am. He is 6 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long. He is our longest baby yet and right in the middle for weight. He is very white and looks like Jacklyn did as a baby. He has just a little hair compared to our other babies.

The delivery story (may be too much information for some)

Sunday night I was up with a lot of contractions until 5:30 am - nothing too painful, but I couldn't sleep through them. They fizzled out so I rested until later in the morning and had contractions on and off all day Monday. The kids let me get a nap Monday afternoon because I was exhausted from not sleeping that night. At 8:45 pm I had a sudden terrible contraction lasting 4 minutes - then they came hard every 2 minutes. We packed up and got all the kids loaded in the van by 10 pm. We dropped them off at my parents and waited through some more contractions to make sure it was "the real thing" (remember we live 45 min. from this hospital). We got to the hospital at 12:05 and they checked me into triage and I was at 4cm with a lot of pain. I told Javi we came to the hospital too soon. But soon after, my water broke all on its own (the first time ever). Things quickly got worse and I was at 5cm so they put in an iv line and started to move me to the delivery room a little after 1 am. I wanted to walk but struggled to get there because the contractions were almost continuous. When I got there, she suggested I use the restroom before getting monitored in bed. While on the toilet I had a contraction and told her the baby was coming out. At least 5 nurses all instantly showed up and helped lift me in bed and Jameson's head literally popped out seconds after getting on the bed, then I pushed his body out - all without any doctor - the nurses were awesome and did it all. One doctor in the hospital showed up soon after and my doctor on call came minutes later to stitch me up. I went from 5 cm to delivering in less than 20 minutes. It was an amazing whirlwind. Javi got the exciting trip to the hospital in the middle of the night that he was wishing for and I got to deliver a little early and experience my water breaking.

We are obviously so in love and will post pictures as soon as Javi gets the camera cord.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jeremiah-traditional clothes

I know this picture below is goofy - but it just makes me laugh - like he is soaking in the sunshine.

What a big boy!

Josiah-traditional clothes

Last weekend it was 80 degrees outside and beautiful. Josiah could not sit still for pictures so I was literally chasing him around. When he sees grass he just wants to run. Enjoy the pictures - drool, funny faces and all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback Friday-Our first Christmas with the boys

I never posted about Christmas Eve/Christmas - so I am going to rewind a little bit and record our memories since this is my scrapbook. Christmas Eve the kids and I tried to make gingerbread bear cookies, that didn't work out so we just made them into funny faces.

We made our traditional Dominican dinner. It was the best yet. Pork Loin, Morro de guandules (a rice and pigeon peas dish), tostones (fried plantain), and yucca cooked with bacon, red onions, and garlic (actually a recipe from our Puerto Rican friends). The kids loved the food - even Josiah and Jeremiah - and the kids loved decorating the table nicely, using real dishes and glasses and eating by candle light.

Then we did some Bible/Advent time.

At night we made Dominican hot chocolate for a treat and opened their few presents. They had filled eachother's stockings with little things they got at garage sales, notes, candies and their own toys they new their brother or sister would like. We also added a few little things. It was so precious to see their excitement over giving and the thoughtfulness that went into each gift (I didn't' even know 1/2 of what was in those stockings because they would do it secretly). One child saved their mints from church and candies from saying Bible verses and put them in each stocking. Then we gave them each a couple of "big" presents - from garage sales, clearance and Ethiopia (having a lot of kids does not have to be expensive). Before opening those, Jordan said, "Dayenu - it would have been enough!" That is part of a Jewish song they learned at the church Passover Seder dinner around Easter time. We all agreed - they were perfectly happy with the giving and receiving of the stockings - I loved their response and I hope not to forget that. Janae made me a sweet coupon that read, "The bearer of this card is entitled to one free combo (manicure, pedicure and back massage) courtesy of "The Perfect Pedicure" Expires Aug. 2060" I LOVE her massages and she loves to give them - especially with smelly lotions - so it will be a real treat. She gave her Daddy something similar, but it was for kisses (she knows he loves them and she is the stingiest about giving them). I think she gave him a coupon for kisses because she didn't want to touch his feet - he he.
Jordan really wanted a snowboard to hang up in his room - so we found this one for a few bucks at a garage sale.
Christmas morning we went to my parents' house with my sister and her family too. My mom always cooks an amazing breakfast that we all look forward to. My parents gave each of our families a little play kitchen among other things. All of the little kids love it and I am glad not to have so many little toys.
Cousins talking on the phone to each other.

My handsome Jeremiah
Why do I get stuck in the box?
Is it time to go outside yet?

Tid bits to answer your questions about delivery

My last 2 posts are in response to different people asking how I am doing and other random baby questions. Please feel free to share your tips and advice on my last 2 posts. I would love to hear them.

*Yes, I am sure my doctor would induce me - after all, I must be his best customer :) - but pitocin makes laboring naturally so much harder. The contractions really don't feel natural at all and I would be stuck to the bed to be monitored. I did this with Jacklyn (not knowing I would be stuck to the bed) and it was something I really don't want to repeat if possible.

*He could just break my water, but I need 4 hours of antibiotic drip because of past history of strep B and my babies come quickly after my water breaks. My water has never broken on its own. In fact, Joanna was going to be born in her bag, but the doctor broke it right at the end to help me deliver her.

*Yes - I will labor naturally (Lord willing and helping me) in the hospital (something Javi insists on) - it is absolutely painful - no doubt, but when I want to give up, a hot shower beating on my back gets me through and speeds things up. Afterwards, I feel a major high that doesn't compare to anything - like running a marathon. It is such an amazing thing to experience with your spouse, but even more amazing is the full dependence you have on the Lord at that time. Us comfortable Americans do not have many times when things are absolutely out of our control in which we have to depend so deeply on the Lord to carry us through literally minute by minute. It is also a bonus that I can get up and shower right away after the birth :).

*No, I am not scared of delivery, but I am already scared of the after birth contractions that come with nursing and that seem worse with each baby. I am all for drugs AFTER the baby is born to help with the nursing contractions.

*My earliest delivery (not including Jacklyn who was induced early) was Jordan at 4 days early and Janae and Joanna were 5-6 days late. So I would say it is not likely I will deliver early, but I can still hope :).

*My babies have all weighed between 5 lbs 6 oz and 7 lbs 1 oz. I have a feeling Jameson might break the record and be our biggest baby yet, although I hope not. I would rather they stay small and then grow big once they are out of me :).

*Janae and Julia both really want to be there for the birth. We are praying and hoping, but it is not likely since it is RSV season and they usually do not allow children in the hospital to visit during this time.

Oh- the joys of being huge

My doctor always tells me that with each baby there are more aches and pains. In my case it is so true. On top of the contractions, pressure, skin issues and underbelly stretching ligament pain that I always get, now I have swelling and terrible sciatic nerve pain. With previous pregnancies, I got swelling and sciatic nerve pain a few isolated times, but lately it has been pretty constant. I am spilling some protein and my blood pressure is up (both signs of preeclampsia I need to be careful of). I have spent a lot of time on the couch the last couple of days because I can not walk much with the sciatic nerve pain and I am trying not to carry the boys around as much for fear I will drop them when I have an episode. On top of all of this I am having deep, painful coughing bouts, especially at night, so I am not sleeping well. I really have been dealing with respiratory/cold/sore throat stuff since leaving Ethiopia. I am now on antibiotics which I am hoping will help. To top it off, the doctor said that I really didn't change any this week - not even a cm :(. The good news is that both weeks they said, "Whoa, the head is right there", which is always the case for me, but it is something I am very thankful to hear each and every time. I am trying to be thankful for the rest and extra days to get well, but I REALLY can't wait to not be pregnant any more and to hold and smell my sweet little boy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome home Andrea, Biruk and Amira

I met Andrea when we were at the beginning of our adoption journey and both of us were part of a pilot program to adopt from Zambia, which shut down. Andrea actually was one of the first families to travel to Zambia but none of the families were allowed to adopt and bring their children home - can you imagine? God knit our hearts together as we shared a love for Christ and we both faced multiple roadblocks. She was a great encouragement to me and still is. We were hoping to travel together, but instead she just came home with her 2 precious 4 year olds - Biruk and Amira. We were able to visit them when we went to Ethiopia. They really are just amazing, sweet children. Andrea, I am so glad you have your children home!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks for the help

Ok- so many people emailed me or replied to my last post - thanks. Instead of having a nearby pharmacy send out for the prescription, we went straight to an apothocary which even took our insurance and filled it today for us. The doctor prescribed Flagyl - so hopefully that will work the first time. I hear many of you have had to do multiple treatments :(.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giardia and Rickets

We found out today that all the lab work came back negative - praise God- except both boys have Giardia and Josiah does/did have rickets in his bones. Giardia is the popular parasite that so many Ethiopian children come home with (no surprise since it has been 6 weeks and they still go through about 8 terrible dirty diapers a day and a few outfits). Javi tried to pick up the prescriptions for that, but they have to be sent somewhere to be specially mixed somewhere and it is really expensive - but we need to find out where to do that. Anyone else reading this blog have the same problem or should I ask for a different prescription? Also the rickets show signs of healing/good new bone growth now that he is receiving good nutrition (and probably even from the consistent food/nutrition in the orphanage). This is wikipedia says about rickets: Rickets is a softening of the bones in children potentially leading to fractures and deformity. Rickets is among the most frequent childhood diseases in many developing countries. The predominant cause is a vitamin D deficiency, but lack of adequate calcium in the diet may also lead to ricketsBelow is not my son, but I pulled it off the web because it is a picture of "frontal bossing" the forehead protruding from rickets/malnutrition. This was the first thing my pediatrician noticed about Josiah. Rickets also commonly cause bowed legs, which Josiah also has slightly, but both things should slowly correct with good nutrition and sunlight (which we have plenty of in AZ).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Actually Javi has been across the country on business, so that has added to the excitement- or should I say nervousness - of having so many contractions :). It has also added to our crazy lives here at home. Thankfully my mom came to help 2 afternoons to help watch kids and make dinner and get the kids ready for bed, which is the hardest time of the day for me without Javi.

The boys seem to be a little more bold and mischievous every day. Yesterday I heard clanging in the laundry room (door shut). I opened the door to find this. Josiah is obsessed with the vacuum, broom and dust buster - so he had the vacuum out and Jeremiah was sucking on dog food and both were making a big mess - or maybe Josiah was trying to vacuum up the mess :) - yeah right.

Then today I was trying to get in a quick shower and in come the boys. We have this snail shower that has no door. I never thought of it being an issue with babies, but they just came right in with diapers, socks and pjs on and got soaking wet. They have never done that before. I called for Julia to quickly get the camera. Now I need to think of a plan to keep them busy while I shower.

"Hey - who turned off the water?"
Look at that face - he looks like he is saying "Am I in trouble? Did I do something wrong?"
So since they were already wet, we just stuck them in the tub.

We tease that Jeremiah is a bullfrog - anyone remember that song? . . .Jeremiah was a bullfrog (danana) a mighty good friend of mine (danana) . . . . . .. . .Singing joy to the world, all the boys and girls now, joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me(etc.)

OK - so back to Jeremiah - he has this really long tongue that curls up and he sticks it out all of the time. I don't mean like normal babies that play with their tongues - no this kid can touch his tongue to his nose - literally like a frog. I have tried and tried to capture it in photos and this was the best I could get.
All that mischeif is sure exhausting!