Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Too Can Care For The Orphans

Want to help us show love to the boys of Kolfe in Ethiopia??
My friend Tamara (another Kolfe mama)and I would love to fill our suitcases with some practical love for these boys. 130+ orphan boys who need what our kids never even think about having to go without.

We are collecting:

sizes kids' 8 - men's medium



They would also LOVE any soccer jerseys. Do your kids have extra jerseys in nice shape that they could donate to these boys?

We know God's call to care for the orphans is not optional. Is God calling you to tangibly care for these 130 of the 147 MILLION orphans? Will you show them that God HAS NOT FORGOTTEN them?!
Would you be willing just to check the clearance boys and mens sections each time you are out at Target, Walmart or wherever you shop? You will be amazed how often you can find packs of undies, shirts and shorts for $3 or less. Also, many of you do Coupon Sense or similar - could you start collecting soap, toothpaste and deodorant from those deals even if you are stocked up for your family?

If you gather things for us to take, you can drop it off at homes in Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, or we can arrange a time to swing by and pick it up!