Thursday, May 14, 2009

health update w/pics

Both boys still had giardia (5 months now at least) so I took them to the GI specialist at PHX Children's Hospital. That doctor was great and even found some other problems that he wanted to check out. He put the boys on a 30 day treatment 3x a day. The problem is that insurance wouldn't cover the first 2 medicines the doctor wanted to give them, so we tried the 1 that they do cover. If this doesn't work, we will look into natural stuff or the other medicines.

We need to see an endocrinologist for Josiah because his thyroid is high. He is also going to receive speech and developmental services soon. The state sends people out to our home which is great. Josiah only grunts and signs, he doesn't even babble, but he understands everything. Josiah has become a BIG kisser and he is the first to run to daddy and climb up in his arms every night when he gets home.

We just love this sweet boy!

Josiah is in the blanket that my Aunt Linda made for him.
Jeremiah is finally learning "no" but he is still so darn cute and mischevious! Can you tell?
I think the picture below is funny - strike a pose
When 1 gets in, they both want to get in.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day w/3 new bundles of joy

Wow - I was a new mom x 3 - so blessed!
Notice his shirt says, "Mommy is a Rock Star" :)

We got a live-in house cleaner!

With 8 kids I have been praying for some help. Well, Thursday we got a live-in house keeper! He is a big strong black guy, but quiet and so gentle with the kids. This guy keeps our floors immaculate and is so protective of our family. The great thing is that he is athletic and loves to play outside with the kids and lets the kids lay on him and constantly touch him. Its odd, but Javier is not jealous at all having another man in the house- he actually loves him. :0

His name is Checkers, but he has so many nick names like Checky, Checkster and Check Check. He is an 80lb black lab. Our friends, the Crisantis gave him to us. They just had quadruplets 4 months ago (in addition to their other 2 children) so they are a little busy :) and did not really have as much time and space for him, so they offered him to us. The kids begged us, but we have always said we will not take another dog unless it is trained (because we are lousy dog trainers). Well, Checkers is super obedient, gentle and trained. He even sits while the kids eat on the floor in front of him and will wait until we tell him to go clean up. Crumbs are a big problem in our home, but not any more. He follows the kids around and lays quietly by them as they play. The kids gave him a bath today and have been taking him on walks. This morning I saw Janae walking down the street with a big shovel. I yelled to her, "What are you doing?" She told me he went to the bathroom down the street, so she was going to clean it up. Jordan asked me if he should go put out some cones so no one would drive over it - LOL. I am glad she was cleaning it up, but next time maybe she should just take a bag :).
So everyone is happy. They got a dog and I got a house cleaner. Hmmmm - now if i can only train him to clean the bathrooms.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jameson 3 months

perfect little lips
Dear God, please save me, I think my family is crazy

look at my big "muscles" and hunky thighs


Monday, May 4, 2009

Memorial Box Monday - Grandparents leave a legacy

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, but the sinner's wealth is laid up for the righteous. Proverbs 13:22

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers. Proverbs 17:6

We have been filling our memorial box with great things the Lord has done or provided. Since the last thing I shared was on a "light note", this time I wanted to share something a little more serious.

We decided to put in a plastic waffle. Why you ask? Because that is the special breakfast my kids have gotten almost every Saturday morning for the last 9 years when they spend the night at my parents' house. Since Janae was weaned at 1 year old, my parents have taken our kids on Friday nights so that we could clean an office and have a date night. One by one, they keep adding each of our children to the tradition.

On top of that, in 10 years, we have never paid a babysitter because they have almost always been willing and able to watch our kids. They have always heeded our desires of how we want to raise them. Also, my mom is a retired Kindergarten teacher so she is always teaching them, reading with them, doing crafts with them and even taking them to plays and museums. My dad's special thing to do with them is take them on walks to see all of the animals in their neighborhood. Their house is so fun with a basement, spa, orchard, huge playground that my dad built for them and we can't forget the snacks and ice cream Grandma's house has that mommy never buys them.

They set an example for our children to follow Christ and serve others and they work on their manners. Lately, since the boys have come here, my mom has come over about once a week to help me take care of kids so I can run errands, clean, do laundry or whatever needs to be done. She has also taken my ironing pile home to iron for me the last several months.

So here is the answer to "How do you do it?!" to those of you who have a false idea that I am superwoman. No, God has provided great grandparents that are selfless and have laid down their lives countless times to love on our kids and to support our marriage and family. So we praise the Lord, along with my kids, for the "inheritance" or legacy my parents are leaving their grandkids. My parents truly see their grandchildren as their crown like Proverbs says. We are not "lucky" - no - make no mistake about it - this is a gift from the Lord. Thanks mom and dad!