Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on Josiah and Jeremiah

Another adoptive mom and dad from our agency went to Ethiopia to pick up their sweet baby twins and took pictures of our boys, delivered our little gifts and gave us a few little details about them (Thank you Holly and Eric!). Here is a little of what they said:

"We did get to meet your boys while we were there (so soooo cute), and gave them your care packages. They were both very sweet natured, and (Josiah) smiled at us quite a bit. He was holding the stuffed animal from your care package when they carried him back to his room. Too cute! They are both such handsome and sweet boys! (Jeremiah) was making happy squeals while his photo was taken."

This was such sweet news to read. Josiah (the older one) looked a little scared/reserved/pouting in his referral picture, so I was so glad to hear that he is sweet natured and smiled quite a bit! Oh and we all think he is SOOO much cuter in these photos. Both of them have more hair and even bigger eyes. Josiah's eyelashes are gorgeous and Jeremiah has his tongue out in every picture :). We are in love! I am like a mom examining her newborn. All of you adoptive moms know what I mean. I just study and zoom in on their pictures to see every detail. I will leave you with some pictures of their sweet curls.

Catching up

A few weeks ago our whole family went to a Diamondback's game for free - free tickets, free parking, free food (for the kids-adults packed our own snacks :)), and free hats for the kids. The kids completed a summer reading program through the library and were all given free tickets. We chose to go on a Sunday afternoon kids' day so they got free food and baseball hats! My sister and her family came and sat right behind us.

Here are some more of Charina's hairstyles - she almost always uses Joanna for a model :) and just some cute pictures of the girls. Click on the first picture and look at that funny face!

Here is the big 15 passenger van we bought from our friends' mom - thanks Heidi and Andy for hooking us up :) - what a blessing to buy this from friends we trust, not have to spend time car shopping and get a great deal! We had prayed for God to provide one and He did - Praise Him!We named it "La Gua Gua" which in Dominican slang means "the bus". Without the back seat (space needed for stroller/groceries etc) it seats 11 - exactly the # of seats we will need since we have our niece and once we have our 3 babies.

Finally here are some pictures of our decorating. The first is in the hallway - just a big old frame from a garage sale $1 and some iron crosses $.50 each and some paint pens to write "Jesus - The way, the truth, the life". The girls' room was built by the previous owners to be a theatre room - so it is big. They have their beds at one end and their imagination/tea party/reading sitting area at the other end - again - 90% I found at garage sales. Above their couch I wrote "sisters forever, friends for life" They have a bible verse they have picked that they want me to write on the wall in between their beds - but I haven't gotten to it yet. Notice their Moroccan Kaftan's that were the inspiration for the room and their favorite dress up clothes.