Saturday, January 7, 2012

A few more pics

Janae turned 12, Joshua is an official toddler - into everything, we got some puppies (more pics to come) and Javier and I just celebrated or 16th and most meaningful anniversary in Tucson on New Year's Eve.

Picture update

I know it has been forever since I really blogged. It doesn't seem to fit in as a priority. Life has been hard, but God has been exceedingly merciful. So although I can't find the energy to really post, I will post some random pictures of the past several months. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our Joshua turned 1 in October and he is growing up and walking. We lovingly call him Gordo Lindo. Jordan played flag football, JJ was the "mascot" and Javi an assistant coach and Julia played soccer for the first time. Josiah spent 5 days in Phoenix Children's hospital with something that mimicked menangitis, but after every test and scan you can think of, they didn't figure out what was wrong and he woke up the last day able to walk and move, so they discharged us.

Jordan turned 11. He got some golf clubs and a bag and went golfing with his dad! I think it was his best b-day ever.

We got a couple free bunnies in November.