Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome Joshua Rafael Diaz - 10/28/10

We had a sweet little boy Thursday morning at 2:31 am. He was 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. He is just perfect - a little funny looking at first, but getting more and more handsome :) - or we are just more and more blinded by love. We think he is our little whitey and his hair is the lightest of any of our babies. The verdict is still out on his eye color - but Javier is sure they are either blue or green - I am not so sure. More details to come later. I am doing well - just sore today from probably my hardest natural birth yet.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

loft beds and more posts

Scan down to see the few posts below. Also, if you are on Facebook, add me (Joy Halterman Diaz) because I update that a little more than my blog. Hopefully my next post will be about our new baby.

A few months ago my dad made the girls these tall Queen loft beds. They have been so nice because it gives them so much more room to play and we are not constantly finding "treasures" stuffed under the beds :).

Grandma and Grandpa, the 4 Big Kids and Disneyland

Earlier, my mom signed the kids up to volunteer for the free Disneyland tickets, so in September they took them for 2 days to Disneyland and California Adventure. My parents are the best about making great memories with the kids - big and small - I know we are so blessed by their involvement and true love for all their grandkids. I, on the other hand, thought I was going to die early taking care of 4 little kids by myself for 4 days :) in the midst of bed rest and contractions- it made me really appreciate my big helpers. Thankfully, my sister came to my rescue and took Jeremiah and Joanna for a day and night when Jameson got sick.

Tons of pics of Mexico - September 2010

WARNING - This is what happens if you drink too much Tequila in Mexico

A week in Rocky Point - Javier was just promoted to Senior Manager of AZ for his company right before the trip, so he had to return to work for a few days and then drive back to join us the last few days. Our wonderful friend from Mexico, took a bus to meet us there and help me for the week. Her son joined us the last 2 days also. It was so nice to relax, make memories and have silly times with Daddy. Javier and I even got a date night to go into town for tacos and ice cream while Socorro and her 22 yr old son took care of the kids!

Our dancing girl at the beach party

Our son Ephrem always thinks he is funny telling us he is with us for dinner or parties or whatever, so we thought we would "bring" him to Mexico. He got a kick out of it.

Awwww - look at my 3 little sausages taking a nap together.

Jameson with our friend Socorro

Pregnancy Update

This last trimester has been hard. I have had pain and issues (mostly due to this being my 7th full pregnancy) which put me on bed rest for a while, not for the baby's safety, but because without it, the pain and pressure were too extreme and I couldn't walk or do much if I didn't lay on my side. I have also been nauseous and vomiting this last trimester - something I have never experienced this late with my other pregnancies. I have also had 2 long nights of contractions ending at 1:30 Am and 4:00 Am :(.

I pretty much gave up on the bed rest a few weeks ago when kids started getting sick. Joanna had terrible hives and stomach pain for a week, then one by one, all the kids started getting sore throats, fevers, lost voice, coughing and congestion. Now Jameson and I have it and Joanna is sick again. The baby is due in 1 week and we are praying that we can bring it home to a healthy family and I am getting nervous about being sick and hacking while trying to deliver - especially since I need to be at full strength to deliver naturally.

Just yesterday morning, I was sitting discouraged in my closet and I thought of Julia's Bible verse, "In me, you shall have peace" and then I immediately thought of the song that says, "Come undone, surrender is stronger" - Until then, I kept trying to figure out the whole birth in my head. I want control. I want to induce so I can be done with the pain, but pitocin w/out an epidural is brutal, so then I was thinking to have the doc strip my membranes, but now that plan is off because I am sick. I get obsessed thinking about it because Jameson was born about 20 minutes after my water broke, so I wonder how I would make it to the hospital and have the kids taken care of if my water broke at home. So you can see how I can spiral into being obsessed with trying to take control. I need to just come before my Father, knowing His plans are far better and higher than mine and surrender this to Him daily. I need to rest in Him and abide in Him and His word and I will have peace.

On a lighter note, I have been 2 cm dilated for almost 3 weeks and the head is super low. I have gained 24 pounds so far. We (mostly Janae) have been cooking some 12 dozen meatballs and dozens of muffins ahead for when the baby comes (I must confess, I have already eaten most of the muffins :0). We are really nesting and getting things off our "to-do" list, which always feels good.