Monday, December 8, 2008

Our week

adjusting to the time change

my little "helpers"


First haircut with us

He loves his caterpillar. Isn't he handsome in orange?

Somebody gave us this bed this weekend and they enjoyed playing in it w/out the mattress. It makes a good playpen.

First of all, my grandmother fell about a week ago and is suspected to have had a couple of strokes. She was 69 lbs, blind and mostly deaf, but surprisingly strong. After this fall, she has not recovered and is not eating, drinking or doing much besides sleeping. She was suspected to die over the weekend, but she is still hanging on. The hospice crisis team is with her 24/7 as well as my dad and other family members that live near her in San Diego. We have been trying to figure out how and if it is wise to go there. I can't imagine missing her funeral and celebration of her life, yet I can not take our boys around others if they are contagious at all.

Tomorrow is the boys' next doctor's appointment. Josiah's skin is 95% better. It has healed and is so soft. He just has scars and a few bad patches. His congestion/coughing is gone and overall is feeling so much better. He does have terrible diapers and a sore raw bottom - poor guy. Hopefully soon we can figure out if it is the medicine, milk or parasites that is causing that. He eats like a champ, but purposefully gags himself on the medicine and makes himself vomit so now we try to put it in his food. Jeremiah's congestion and eye infections are better, but his skin seems worse. He is covered in small pimples and clusters of bumps that he itches constantly. We gave him a scabies treatment, so it should not be that. He ran a fever and could not keep anything down except for water and pedialite for 1 and 1/2 days after that scabies treatment, so I am afraid to repeat the treatment. This guy eats tons too.

Most of the week, they have been sleeping 10-12 hours at night! The prescription benedryl that we gave them at night for itching (also makes them drowsy) I think helped them get on schedule. Another huge praise is that Josiah literally changed from screaming in the bath, to giggling, splashing and going wild. He loves it now!

Jeremiah is the happiest, most talkative, bouncing baby. He is such a joy and so easy. Josiah is much harder, but he has attached well to me and gives me countless slobbery kisses on the mouth. He still fusses and flails a lot, but when he is happy, he is SO happy. I just try to hold him tight through the screaming and flailing, which is actually quite painful on my pregnant belly and exhausting physically, but after 5 minutes or so he quits and melts into my arms. Josiah makes noises and babbles more every day! He also loves it outside and LOVES to toss the basketball . They both love the stroller, so when we are out of ideas we either put them in the stroller or bathtub :).

I am amazed that they have really only been home for 1 week. The changes in health and personality are amazing and answers to prayer from many. Thank you!


chicknboy said...

that hat on Josiah is utterly adorable!!!

waitingarms said...

Welcome back home and it is so good to see the boys settling in and blending in with the family. I am praying for complete healing for Josiah’s diaper issue and an easier adjustment and also for Jeremiah’s skin issue. I love all the updates and pictures from your time in Ethiopia and from the home front. I look forward to seeing the young men you will raise - children set apart by God for Himself. What an honor that God chose your family from the foundation of the earth to surround them with love and give them the security that only a family can give. God’s blessings to you and yours.

Matt and Lindsey said...

The boys look wonderful! I love Josiah's shorter haircut! I'm glad that the boys are adjusting better and better each day. Praying that Josiah's flailing is reduced each day and that soon he'll feel completely safe and secure in your arms.

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

How wnderful to see them. You must be so proud! Alida w4

michelle said...

I hope you can go out for the funeral, if and when...please tell your dad that I am praying for all of you and especially him. I told Jeanette that I remember being at your grandma's house and your grandpa showing me his tattoo. I'm glad that the boys are showing so many signs of healing (well, except Jeremiah's skin). I have Arbonne diaper rash cream (which I think is the best) if you want it. Let me know. Any contractions with all the chaos? Love you all!

Amber said...


I am so glad that the boys are doing better. Sounds like you are one busy lady! I love to hear about your trip.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the updates. That is really nice now well everyone is doing. I am tellying you Joy, your Josiah is getting more and more handsome every day. I love pic where Jerem. is sleeping with Joanna. Hopefully tomorrow the appointment will be a good one and they be done with their sickness. Beautiful family. I am so glad your are not having an overly hard time because you are due so soon.

Crystal said...

It is amazing how fast they fit in! I love all your pictures. We know all about the scabies. Sounds like you have to do another treatment! So hard on thier little bodies. May God heal them up the rest of the way!

dan and rachel said...

i am so glad the boys are healing and feeling better! what an answer to prayer! i am happy to hear you are all adjusting so well. i think it's so amazing and wonderful that you hold him when he flails until he melts in your arms. that must really help him learn that he can trust you and that you are there for him no matter what! good work, mama!

Jenni said...

I love all the pictures and info on how it's going for you guys! It helps me get a picture of how it'll be for us when we get our little boys home.
Hope all the skin issues and everything else get cleared up soon- especially before baby gets here!
It makes my stomach hurt thinking about holding a flailing child while pregnant- I feel for you!
They are such cuties!