Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He sets the lonely in families

Wow - things have been going well with having Charina (Javier's 17 year old niece from the Dominican Republic) here. We have had to be stern on a few things, but she has been totally responsive. She has set jobs each day, as do all our kids, and she even helps more than that. We have had great talks about Christ, religion, managing money, marriage etc. She also opened up and shared a lot of things that have been grieving her about her mom and younger siblings. I just listened as tears welled up in my eyes and pain and anger filled my heart thinking that no child should have to deal with having nonexistant and abusive parents. She has felt the weight of being the "mom" and trying to protect her brothers and sisters and realizing that she can't do much. But oh thanks be to God that he will carry the burdens of those who are weary and heavy laden - His love abounds!

On a lighter note, she loves to tell our kids funny stories about Dominican and they love to hear every word. She loves to learn new praise songs in English and she sings around the house often. We have also been collecting applications for her to get a job. Then about 2 weeks ago, as we were rushing off to baseball practice with the whole crew, she said, " I am so happy." Then it was silent. I thought well, that is odd, I am feeling rushed and here she is happy. Then she said, "This is the first time I have felt like I am part of a real family." So praise Him! His word says that He sets the lonely in families and He has done just that. Please continue to pray for our adjustment. I am just so thankful that we trusted God and opened our doors to her even though we had a lot of fears and we will have hard times ahead. It is so wonderful to step out in faith and follow His lead. Is the Lord calling you to open your home to an orphan, sponsor some children, do missions overseas, mentor a young woman, "adopt" a widow down the street or volunteer at Crisis Pregnancy Center? Pray, fast, get out of your comfort zone and American dream and put your faith in action. Will you choose the safe road or the risky but abundant road for Christ?


Matt & Lindsey said...

It is so awesome how God is working this situation out and giving Charina the family she has always dreamed of! Your post is so encouraging! We will continue to pray for everyone's adjustment and for God to do a powerful work in all of your lives.

momoffaith said...

God's timing is always so perfect and it is wonderful to see how He is working in both of your lives (yours and Charina's) and blessing you is such different ways!

Chris said...

I am so happy that your niece is doing good:)
Hey how about a picture of her :)
Thinking of you and hoping for your referral SOON ;)