Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The babies are growing :)

 Here Jaxton is 3 months old and yes he is in a pink swing - sorry.  We bought this from a garage sale before we knew what we were having because it was electric instead of battery operated.  So I guess pink is the new blue - he doesn't seem to mind :)  He is literally the sweetest, happiest, quietest thing.  He just kicks and dances and lights up any time anyone talks to him.  Gotta love his big blue eyes and finally - those chubby cheeks!


These pictures are of the goat babies with our 3 pound chihuahuas when the goats were just a couple weeks old.  You can see they were about the size of our chihuahuas.  The little white one in the first picture, Patriot (for New England Patriots born right before the superbowl), is the bottle fed one who still thinks he is a chihuahua.  Everyone loved it when we brought him into petsmart - we got a lot of double takes.  Rosey (for Rosa Parks - born on Martin Luther King Jr. Day) is the one Jacklyn is holding.  She is a jumper and big and strong and has much more black on her than in that picture.  They are now about triple that size. 


Andrea Hill said...

Oh Joy, what a blessing little Jaxton is! I want to kiss him so badly. Its time to come to AZ and love on him. So glad he is so good for you:)

Katrina said...

AWWWWWW How cute is the baby??? Next handsome one in the family! Love the goats and love the goats milk! Katrina

Ransomed~Redeemed said...